Welcome to senior economics!

Read the following Book Review about Thomas Friedman's 2005 book entitled, The World Is Flat by clicking on the link below. Next complete the task below.

1. Q Equation
a. Write down three statements made in the reading. 9 points
  • A statement is a summary of a sentence or paragraph that describes what the author is saying about the issue.
    • Example of one: Hymowitz says that there is a difference between kids of today and kids of the 1960's. 1960's kids were anti-establishment. They were sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Todays kids do believe in discipline and respect for adults.

b. Write down one quote from the reading that gives a good example of how the author feels. 3 points
  • A quote is one that you feel sums up what the author's opinion is.
    • Example: "Today Americans are consciously, deliberately embracing ideas about sex, marriage, children, and the American dream that are coalscing into a viable-though admitteldy much altered- sort of bourgeois normality."

c. Write an extended explanation of what the author is saying about the reading (minimum of six sentences.) 12 points
  • An extended explanation is a summary of what you believe the authors opinion is about the issue.
    • Example: Hymowitz is saying that todays kids have better moral awareness than past generations. She says that polls on drugs, crime, and sex have been decreasing since the 1960's, not increasing. She points out that kids today have respect for their parents which is more than kids of hte 1960's can say. She says that teenage drinking is on the decline which shows the awareness of the moral there. Hymowitz even shows that todays youth are "mushyer" than kids in the past. She showed that 81% planned on marrying which is up. All in all Hymowitz shows how today's youth are not the morally corupt kids that we so often hear about.

d. Write an opinion about whether or not you agree that the world is flat. (Minimum of six sentences) 12 points

- Complete this portion on a word document and save it for the next portion of the assignment.

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3. Read and respond to at least two other students answers and provide a comment, (remember comments are tracked.) 10 points
* A comment is your response to the persons comments. You can give insights that you found, ask questions, or give reasons why you agree or disagree.