Ethics of Science Directions:

10 points

Science has no doubt given the world knowledge, life, entertainment, and much much more. Without science progress in so many fields would not exist. With that said, there is a point, for some, when science crosses boundaries or lines that some are not comfortable with. I want you to explore the ethics of science using a current event.

Directions: Use one of the sites below, or google your own, to research a scientific topic that may cross boundaries for some and complete the following on your discussion tab after reading it: Make sure to list your source on your post.

Possible topics to research and discuss:
- Genetic Engineering
- Stem Cell Research
- Animal Testing
- Human Testing
- Cloning
- Spider Goat :)
- Nuclear Power

1. What is the issue? 2pts.

2. What is the controversy? 2pts.imagesCADM38UI.jpg

3. What is your opinion on it? 2pts.

4. Copy and paste your site for verification purposes. 2pt.

5. Read and make two relevant comments on two other peoples post. 2pts.


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