Econ Unit 6: Government and the Economy
Ch. 14: Sec. 1: "What are Taxes"
Day 1

1. Today we will start our unit on taxes by watching a crash course on taxes.
Crash Course Economics: Taxes

2. Next we will do the notes for Ch. 14 Sec. 1 using our Ch. 14 Sec. 1 Answer Sheet.

3. Next let's look at some examples of who's got the burden of taxes what PA sales tax looks like.
World's richest 1%
PA sales tax


Ch. 14 Sec. 1: "What are Taxes"
Day 2

1. First we will look at how progressive taxes work.
Progressive Tax Video

2. Next we will review what we did using the Exploration page in your packets.

3. Lastly you will write an opinion paper about which tax structure you like best and why using one of the two choices of assignments below.


Ch. 14 Sec. 1: "What are taxes"
Day 3

1. Let's finish our Fair Tax Writing Assignment today. You choices were:

2. Once finished start working on the Personal Finance Handbook page on Taxes in your packet.


Ch. 14 Sec. 2: Federal Taxes"
Day 4

1. Today we are going to start Federal Taxes by going over the Ch. 14 Sec. 2 notes using Ch. 14 Sec. 2 Answer Sheet.

2. Then we will go over Federal Income Taxes by doing next two pages on income taxes in packets.


Ch. 14 Sec. 2: "Federal Taxes"
Day 5

1.Today we are going to let you look at Sin Taxes and whether or not they actually work.
-Choose one of the articles on sin taxes i have for you and answer these questions:
Should the Government tax your coke?
a. Do sin taxes work in changing behaviors according to the article?
b. Is it the governments job to tax you to change behavior?

2. Next we are going to look at a W-4 form and how they work and the brackets that it will put you in. Then we will let you try to fill out someones 1040 form.
W-4 Form Explained
Personal Income Tax
W-4 form

3. Fill out the 1040 in your packet to see if the person gets a refund or owes money.


Ch. 14 Sec. 3&4
Day 6

1. First today lets look at State and Local taxes by doing our Ch. 14 Sec. 3&4 Answer Sheet using our Ch. 3&4 notes.

2. Next let's look at how the comparison of our nations revenue versus spending using the site provided and the page in your packets.
Federal Revenue and Spending


Ch. 14 Sec. 3&4: State and Local Taxes
Day 7

1. Today we are going to go over the revenue vs. spending worksheets you did yesterday and see what we could do to fix it by letting you be politician for the day. You are going to play a budgeting game to see if you can reduce the deficit and at what cost to society.

The Peoples Pie


Ch. 15 Sec. 1: Fiscal Policy
Day 8

1. Today we are going to start by going over the Peoples Pie game questions and discussing what can be done about the deficit.

2. Next we are going to look at ways the government tries to influence the economy through Fiscal Policy by completing a Fiscal Policy cartoon page in your packets.

3. While you're doing that we will watch a crash course video on the subject that might help you.
Fiscal Policy Crash Course Video

4. If time remains we will start Ch. 15 Sec. 3 notes using our Ch. 15 Sec. 3 answer sheet in packets on the National Debt and Deficit.


Ch. 15 Sec. 3: Budget Deficits and the National Debt

1. Today we are going to look at the National Debt and Budget Deficits. Let's finish your notes from yesterday first.

2. Let's watch how the debt got this far.
National Debt Road Trip

3. Let's watch how the debt has continued to climb minutes 9-13.
IOUSA clip
US National Debt Explained

4. Lastly let's look at the current numbers and if anything can be done.

National Debt Wiki


Ch. 15 Sec. 3: Budget Deficits and the National Debt

1. Let's finish our National Debt Wiki Webquest from yesterday and go over.

National Debt wiki

2. Now let's start Ch. 16 Sec. 1 using Ch. 16 Sec. 1 notes and answer sheet on the Federal Reserve.

- Here's a cool crash course on the Federal Reserve
What's all the Yellen About?


Ch. 16 Sec. 1: The Federal Reserve Bank

1. Today we are going to finish our Ch. 16 notes from yesterday.

2. Next we are going to start Ch. 16 Sec. 2 and 3 notes.

3. Lastly do the Fed At Work page in packet.


Ch. 16 Sec. 2&3: Monetary Policy and Tools

1. First today let's do the Ch. 16 Sec. 3 notes using our Answer Sheet on the Monetary Policy Tools

2. We will use the following link as we go through the notes to see visually how each tool works.
Monetary Policy