Cultural Universals Assignment:

Use the internet to find three different cultures and identify the differences they have in one cultural universal they share. They could be:

List of Murdock's Cultural Universals to pick from
Rites of Passage, Birth, Attaining womanhood, Attaining manhood, Marriage, Divorce, Death, etc. If you think you have another universal not listed that you would like to research let me know.
You could even use gestures, symbols, nonverbal communication, etc. from the components of culture because they are universals as well.

Also answer the following questions:

1. How do these cultures universal compare to Americas?
2. Which cultures universal do you like the most and why?

Type your information up while you research it. Copy it, and paste it to this discussion board. Also, respond to two other peoples discussion topics.

Rubric (10 points)
1. Cultural One Universal- 2 points
2. Cultural Two Universal- 2 points
3. Cultural Three Universal- 2 points
4. Two questions- 2 points
5. Respond to two other peoples discussion topics- 2 points