The American Value System

Complete the following tasks for 9 points and number on your discussion posts as follows:
Put all four on the same post please.

1. (5 points) Choose a value that you like. Find a video that resembles that value and post it to the discussion board along with answers to the following questions:
a. Why do you think Americans still believe in this value?
b. How does your video represent the value you chose?

2. (1 point) Click on the the link below and watch video segment on American Patriotism and answer this question:
"Should patriotism be a value in America or not? Why?" 5 points


3. (1 point) Turn in our books to pages 46-48 and read "Our Changing Values." Then answer this question:
"Do you agree or not? Why?" 5 points

4. (2 points) Turn in our books to page 47 and read the "Sociology in the World Today" section. Then answer the Think About It questions: 5 points

5. (1 point) Comment on two of your peers videos.