2009 American Recovery Act

Fact: As with any political issue there are always two sides to the story. This is especially true in todays world of medias like cable shows and the internet. Very few media sources today are truly non-biased. Most have an agenda or a loyalty and it is up to us to decern the opinions from the truths.

Directions: View and read the following sources and find what you think the truth is. Some of the sources will be in defense of the stimulus plan and some against. Click on the discussion tab once you are done and answer the following question: "Did the American Recovery Act promote growth and stability in the U.S. since its implementation and why do you feel that way?" Use at least one example to back up your opinion. Also, read two other peoples discussion posts and briefly and relevantly comment on them.

5 points for your 5 sentence minimum opinion with at least one example to back it up.
5 points for commenting on two other peoples post.

  • Cool crash course video on 2008 Financial Crisis
2008 Financial Crisis

Short reading on what the Stimulus Bill was.

* Here is a chart you might find helpful before you start your research and form your opinion

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

In Defense of the Stimulus Plan:

Providing Opportunities

It Worked!

Saved More Jobs From Disappearing

In Opposition to the Stimulus Plan:

Penny For Your Thoughts

A Failure

Did the Stimulus Work